We are back this Thursday!!!

It seems like just yesterday we were talking about the season finale of the rebooted 'Jersey Shore', and how excited everyone was about it being back and the great reception the new season got.

It was so great MTV did not waste any time in renewing it for a second season. 'Part 2' is set to premiere this Thursday night and I for one am excited like a kid in a candy store about this.

"Jersey Shore Family Vacation" Premiere Party
Getty Images for MTV

With that being said I need to see a few things this upcoming season that will satisfy my thirst.


  • 1

    Angelina's Full-time Return

    We just got a little taste of this in the last season, as Angelina came back via 'Prank War Champ' Pauly D. It seems like everyone is on civil terms with her now, but we'll see if that's really true this Thursday night.

  • Getty Images for MTV
    Getty Images for MTV

    How Deena's Pregnancy Affects Everyone

    Right after the first season ended, Deena announced on social media that she is pregnant with her first child with her husband Chris.

    From the previews it looks like she hasn't told her roommates yet so it'll be interesting to see how the group reacts and how Snooki reacts going solo as the only meatball that can drink.

  • 3

    Ronnie's Fallout With His Girlfriend and New Baby

    This is going to be rough watching. With everything that we know with Ron and his ex Jen Harley (the social media fights, the domestic fights) my eyes will be glued to the TV this season.

  • Getty Images for MTV
    Getty Images for MTV

    Mike's New Situation

    Or should we call him the 'Hitch-uation'? Last season we some romantically propose to his longitme girl Laurens with the help of his roommates. Now that he's engaged and off the market, will we see a wedding happen?

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