Is it me or is it starting to feel like it's less than a 'vacation' and more of a 'daily activities' sort of show? Regardless I still love it.

This week the episode starts off with a gender reveal party for Deena and her husband Chris. They invited bunch of friends and family including our favorite jersey shore roommates save for Snooki, who was at a wedding, Ron and Pauly. Pauly D is not there because he has to work a gig in Atlantic City for his birthday and Ron is not there because he still recovering from his baby mama attack (at least that’s what they think).

But to everyone’s surprise Ron does show up and is greeted by everyone but lots of question still remains with his situation regarding his baby mama Jen. Vinny and Mike ask him if they are still together. They don’t even know how Ron truly got hurt, they only know what’s reposrted through TMZ. Ron has been quite about the whole thing. Ron says the whole thing was an accident and that he was still hanging on the car and simply forgot to let go. Needless to say Mike and Vinny didn’t believe it. He continues to explain that he’s trying to make it work by going to couples therapy and spending seven hours a day there with her. We’ll see how that goes but Vinny is not about this relationship at all and wants them to break up.

Meanwhile at the gender reveal party Mike is first in every buffet line while Snooki is feeding her daughter and everyone else gets ready for the gender reveal. Seems like the whole group is split on whether it’s a boy or girl. When the time finally comes blue smoke rises from a black box confirming that they are indeed having a boy which makes Deena emotional because now she can name her son after her father who passed away last year.

2 days later we are celebrating Mike and Pauly D’s birthday at Dave & Buster’s. Hilarity ensues when Mike talks about how he admits he gained a few waist sizes over the last couple of months but can’t understand how he did it. He’s a firm believer that Laurens, his fiancé shrank his clothes in the dryer. They celebrate their birthday with some cake and then take party to Atlantic City.


Honorable mention to Pauly D’s favorite gift, a bedazzled megaphone that instantly becomes his new favorite toy.

In Atlantic City everyone checks in at Harrah’s Resort in Atlantic City with their significant other, including Angelina who is even bringing her fiancé Chris, who’s has never met anyone in the group. As they all arrive into Pauly’s pad which looks like a tribute to Pauly D everyone except Ron is there and nobody knows if he is going to show up with a without his significant other, crazy baby mama Jen. Ronnie eventually shows up without a plus one which relieved all the roommates. Later that night at dinner they head to Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant for some delicious steaks and they get a first look at how Angelina and her fiancée Chris really are which according to Jenni looks like a typical Staten Island couple. They remind me of my parents so she's not totally off, lol. During dinner you can see Ron’s attitude and demeanor slowly changes as he gets text message after text message from his baby mama Jen. Pauly notes that they are arguing once again and his mood totally changes.


He gets up to take the matter privately, when he comes back he drops a bomb that Jen is in Atlantic City and wants to hang out with them all. Ronnie politely asks if she can come but the look on everyone’s face says no way. Mike being the nice guy though says yes which leads to everyone reluctantly agreeing.

We now await of the arrival of crazy baby mama Jen.

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