And that is a wrap on Season 1!

I can't believe that was the final Jerzday! Well, at least for now.

Just like any 'Jersey Shore' finale, it had all the necessities to make it a good finale: a wild last night hurrah, family dinner, and family fights. This did not disappoint.

Let's get to the juicy, that family fight between Ronnie and Mike, with outside interference with Jenni. What started the show off was a family conversation with each person going around saying what they are grateful for. I guess Thanksgiving is celebrated a tad early on the Guido-ian calendar.

Jenni decides during this to throw Mike under the bus and let everyone know that he suggested Ron gets help and goes into rehab right before the show started to film. Naturally, Ron explodes and proceeds to give Mike a verbal beating on how is literally the last person that should be judging anyone, and of course his court case and tax evasion was brought up.

The house was divided after that, with Deena and Nicole telling Mike that he crossed the line. His response, and I believe him, was that he didn't know he was coming off in that way and was only trying to help. Ron and Jenni were talking outside and he bringing up again his situation with his...I guess now ex since she recently dragged him from a car and was arrested, girlfriend Jen Harley.

The two eventually hugged it out and went on with their day, both saying they love each other and sometimes fight like brothers do because they are family. I really can't wait to see what happens in Season 2.

The back half of the episode was Pauly D's big gig that he got booked at the club in Miami. The gang all went together, laughed together, and freaked out together when Jenni spotted Pauly's stalker chick from seaside from seasons past.

I'll say this much about her, she is persistent.

We know MTV has already picked up the show for a season 2, so it won't be long before we see our favorite guidos and meatballs again. It'll be interesting to see though how the gang reacts to big news stories like Mike's ongoing case, and the fallout of Ronnie and his girlfriend Jen.

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