Happy Jerzday!

Lets get right into this week's episode of 'JSFVP2'! If you missed last week's episode you can check out the recap here.

As with any TV recap spoilers below if you did not watch Thursday's episode.

  1. I never get tired of that intro.
  2. If someone woke me up with a siren sound effect on a megaphone I’d excommunicate them.
  3. I feel so old watching everyone talking about kids and babies and marriage.
  4. Angelina with the hard-hitting, journalistic question, “You think Mike’s going to jail?”
  5. Way to be coy.
  6. Angelina had daddy issues, explains so much yet so little.
  7. The guys seem to really love Angelina‘s fiancé Chris more so then Angelina.
  8. Ahhh Atlantic City!
  9. I love the Pool at Harrahs.
  11. No one wants Ron’s baby mama there with them.
  12. The psycho has arrived!
  13. That mugshot!!! Yikes.
  14. Omg Ron’s baby is adorable! Those cheeks!
  15. I want to start a family now.
  16. You can cut the tension with a butter knife.
  17. Jwoww get that Xanax ASAP girl before you say something you regret.
  18. "Your mugshot looks hot."
  19. SHOTS FIRED!!!!!
  20. The baby mama signed up for anger management.
  21. She needs more than that. You need Jesus.
  22. I don’t believe that apology.
  23. I want a bedazzled megaphone for my 30th birthday.
  24. Baby mama about to get busted big time yeah.
  25. Nothing good comes from hotel security knocking at your door.
  26. Turns out the casino is owned by the same company as Planet Hollywood in Vegas and the baby mama was banned from there.
  27. I can’t believe they give them a second chance.
  28. I want to hang out with Pauly in the DJ booth!
  29. Also at the same time I am not crazy of the loud noise.
  30. When did I get so old?
  31. Pauly is the only one that’s got a stable job, good for him.
  32. Oh my God the “Staten Island sandwich” (Vinny, Angelina, and Chris) I love it.
  33. And just like that Ron and his girl are fighting.
  34. You can actually tell the moment in the liquor kicked in.
  35. How is it that Ron doesn’t see how toxic his relationship is and everyone else around him does?
  36. I want to say I feel bad for Ron but I don’t because he does it to himself.
  37. Oh my God Pauly ordered pizzas to the room and they literally needed to use a hand truck to deliver all the pies.
  38. He’s my spirit animal.
  39. Oh no pizza on the floor!
  40. Five second rule! 5 second rule! ANOTHER pie on the floor?!
  41. My heart can’t take! Oh no Vinny please don’t try to play Dr. Phil with Ron.
  42. Actually, he’s making sense.
  43. But of course Ron doesn’t want to hear any of it.
  44. Now I need a Xanax.

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