The vacation is almost over!

If you missed last week’s episode check out the recap here.

The Vegas trip officially ends, and the guys go on their separate ways but not without Mike calling his fiancée to come clean about what happened last night with all the naked girls back in the hotel room (he actually did not cheat and was well behaved). He comes ‘clean’ to Laurens but she is still mad about the situation, no pun intended.

I feel like when she actually sees this episode air she’ll realize she went a little rough on him because he honestly did nothing wrong. I get the timing was bad but how did Mike know that she was actually visiting a florist for their wedding? After that guys split, Mike and Vinny go back home while Pauly and Ron go back to their Vegas homes.

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Jenni and Angelina finally have their sit down talk again and Angelina finally says what I’ve been thinking this whole time in why does she have to keep proving yourself over and over again. Jenni responds she doesn’t trust her. She also said she’s willing to take down a few bricks off her wall to give Angelina a chance but Angelina has to tone down her extraness. They finally see eye to eye again and squash the beef…for now. Mike arrives back in Long Branch to his fiancé and she immediately realizes he put on weight in Vegas. The Situation tries to pin it all on Vinny for not keeping him in check but Lauren sees right through that and makes them even get on a scale to assess the damage. Vinny then arrives at his house in Staten Island to find his mother and uncle Nino housesitting much to his surprise. He comes clean and says that he got married in Vegas to Pauly and a “Brotmittment” ceremony.  


Pauly and Ron get together in Vegas for lunch during which Ronnie admits that he got back together with Jen. Pauly is surprise and thinks that he shouldn’t be with her again because she’s toxic but as long as they put the baby first they make it work. We’ll soon find out how toxic that relationship really is.

Once everyone is back in Jersey the gang gets back together this time with a pregnant Deena and start reminiscing about the good all days living in Seaside. They then have the great idea of trying to go back to the shore house for a quick weekend getaway. Everyone loves the idea and Pauly makes a quick call to Danny, the owner of the T-shirt shop and owner of the shore house to get things rolling. Angelina is coming back too so the gang is heading back to the Jersey shore.

Before they all leave though news of another fight with Ron and his ex Jen gets into the news and it’s the story where Jen gets arrested for dragging Ronnie out of the car. His status for coming down to Seaside is a no-go.

The trip to Seaside starts and Snooki and Angelina arrive to the shore house first and start reliving all the memories that they had on that first season (with appropriate clips to go with for visual representation).

Other roommates eventually get to the house and also have a nostalgia trip. It’s pretty amazing to see Deena, who replaced Angelina in Season 3, and Angelina back in the same house for a couple days. It’ll be interesting to see how that dynamic works. Then Angelina drops a bomb on the roommates and says that she and Vinny went to high school together, which she thinks is why Vinny doesn’t like her as a friend (arguments have already started). Now maybe I’m wrong but I don’t think we ever knew that, and apparently the roommates didn’t know that either.


Looks like things never change.

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