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Jersey Shore And South Jersey Towns Make The Most Expensive Zip Code List
If you had to guess what the most expensive zip code in New Jersey is, what would you guess? I was able to guess this correctly because I'm a big This is Us fan and I used to marvel at Randal's home early on in the show...it was a breathtaking property is Alpine, New Jersey and that is yet again the top zip in our state. That average cost of a home is $2 million dollars. There are two more zip codes, one at the Jersey Shore and one in South Jersey...can you guess those?
Cheers! Kelsey Grammer Is Visiting New Jersey Taverns And Pouring Beers
Don't be surprised if Doctor Frasier Crane shows up behind your local bar pouring you an ice cold beer! Of course, I'm actually referring to esteemed actor Kelsey Grammer. He was proudly tending bar at Ellery's in Middlesex this week, to promote beer from his Castkills brewery, Faith American Brewing Company and this is not his last stop in New Jersey...

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