Sometimes after watching this show I feel a lot better about myself.

More drama with Ron continues with his baby mama Jen, but it looks like this will be the final time they touch on it during the show. Where we pick up from last week with Jen storming in and spitting on Ronnie, the police come to the room and talk some real serious legal stuff with him about pressing charges and issuing a warrant out for her arrest (which turns out not to be true).

The roommates go on a stake-out near her location in case she has the baby. When the police get to her Ronnie wants to take baby Ariana away. But while that happens Ron does a wellness check and finds out that the baby is safe and not with her so per the police the best option for him is to go back to the room and just let the legal process play out and get in touch with a lawyer for complete custody.

With that behind them for now, the gang decides to change the mood on their vacation and air things out literally by zip-lining between two casinos. I’ve always wanted to do this, so I’m kind of jealous of them but I did not know that Guido‘s can fly, well most of them except for Jwoww. Meanwhile in Staten Island Angelina prepares for her second, third, honestly don’t know how many returns she’s had now but she’s getting ready to go to Vegas courtesy of Snooki's invite.

The roommates don’t take well the Nicole's news that Angelina is coming which I can't understand. Everyone gets a second chance even though this is really Angelina's like, eighth. Everyone makes mistakes, you're grown adults get over it. Just let her back in already I really don’t understand the heat.

Pauly D was M.I.A this episode as he had to go work a DJ gig, but in his place was a little cutout of Pauly D's head on a bottle that Vinny carried. I wish someone would love me the same way Vinny loves Pauly…

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