The family is splitting apart…kinda.

I love the word ‘extra’ and how it’s kind of taken on a new meaning with the young people of today and I get the feeling that I’ll be saying that word a lot more below.

So we pick up from last week and Jenni decides that she’s leaving early for a few different reasons which gets Nicole super bugged. The beef between Jenny and Nicole all started when Nicole forgot to participate in Jennings Mother’s Day video a few months back. And that only snowballed from there as Nicole invited Angelina to Vegas without telling Jenni (she still has beef with her and can’t stand the sight of Angelina) and also her gay best friend Joey for a few days as well. It was just too much for Jwoww to get over so she slipped out early the next day without saying goodbye to anyone.

Is she over exaggerating? Maybe. But it looks like this beef between Jenni and Nicole will carry over into the next few episodes.

Later on at the club everyone’s having a good time getting loose, we’re quickly learning what kind of person Joey is. Well, we know why Nicole loves him so much. He is extra as hell, in a good way. The whole time he’s trying to flirt with Ronnie and Mike (Vinny is M.I.A. attending a funeral in Staten Island). Meanwhile, Pauly is getting belligerently drunk which you don’t see often on camera and flirts with Angelina to the point where they’re dancing together and he picks her up and makes out, shocking Ronnie, Mike, and Nicole.

I heard Pauly loves visiting Staten Island this time of the year.

Speaking of, we cut to Staten Island and get a quick shot of Vinny back home with his mother and Uncle Nino. In last week’s episode he got news that his Uncle Sal passed away so he went to pay his respects. When he was at home he talked about what was going on in Vegas with Jen and Ron’s serious baby situation among other things. His mom then asked if he was ready to have kids and start a family of his own to which he said when the time is right. Fabulous Uncle Nino decided to inject the conversation with some dirty talk just to class it up. So extra.

But if you miss that Vinny explain more about his relationship and wanting kids when he was talking with me you could check the interview out here.

For their last night in Vegas the ladies and Joey decide to go to Chippendale‘s to get their freak on with the hopes of Angelina cheating on her fiancé jokingly. Paul and Mike decide to sit that one out and come up with a plan back in the room to stay in Vegas one more night as a kind of like bachelor party for Mike with the hopes of getting Vinny back to Vegas.

You got to have a bachelor party in Vegas while you’re in Vegas right? Isn’t that an unwritten rule?

‘Operation Boys Night’ goes into plan but Mike has to keep it a secret first because they need to get the girls out of Vegas first. Mike though can’t keep a secret for his life. We finally get a Ronnie sighting since the beginning of the episode when he finally came back from dealing with his personal stuff which is now off-screen. He had to go clear his head and meet with his lawyer and says that he is starting to get into a better place but we’ll see how that goes. We also get a rare Deena sighting back in Jersey since Jenni went home early from Vegas. The two got lunch where Jenni tells her that she’s not a good place with Nicole there’s beef with them because she invited Angelina and Joey and everything with the Mother’s Day card and just not feeling like they’re on the same page. Successfully the guys get the girls out of Vegas no thanks to Mike so boys night can officially commence.

It looks like next week's episode will be showing a few different stories, one in Vegas with the guys and one with Nicole and Jenni back in Jersey trying to hash out their beef. But will they?

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