We are back with another week of 'JSFVP2,' and we pick up where we left off last week with the gang back in Seaside Heights. It seems like nothing has changed with any of them.

By the way I feel like this has been the longest season ever, but I mean that in a good way. I never want it to end.

They still do family dinners like they did all those years ago and air out all of their-ish during that time. Enter Vinny and Angelina. She’s dropping some bombs on the roommates saying Vinny back in the day before the show used to hit her up and ask her if she wanted to go on a date with him and wanted to get to know her. Pauly D looked shocked the most saying he doesn’t even know him anymore while the roommates are all starting to believe Angelina because he’s got no rebuttal back to her claims besides saying she’s a liar.

Lines are finally drawn and a food fight breaks out just like one between Nicole and Mike in season one. We have ketchup versus mustard, mayo versus sour cream, and then outside interference from a fire extinguisher.

Danny did say that they couldn’t mess up the shore house because he’s renting it out but lo and behold said house is a complete mess now, with shades torn down and ketchup and mustard all over the walls. Mike’s right, things haven’t changed at all.

Speaking of, Mike loves his Funfetti cake. I’m honestly surprised that he hasn’t had some sort of endorsement with them by now from the way he talks about them.

After a trip to the Shore Store selling some T-shirts for a hot minute and visiting Danny the roommates decide to make a Funfetti cake to cap off the night and Mike seems like he is the only person who’s more focused, more interested, more zoned in on this one Funfetti cake than anyone else. Even Vinny says Mike’s more interested in this cake then he is his court date. Lol.  When it comes to have said cake Mike channels his inner Jv Joe and cuts big chunky pieces out to everybody. Angelina just throws her piece at Vinny to get even from earlier in the day. The icing on the cake, no pun intended, is when Angelina is dared to shove her but in the Funfetti by Jenni, which makes Mike hysterically scream ‘Noooooo!’

Cut to Vegas where we see the fallout of Ronnie and Jen‘s car fight and we see Ronnie taking care of baby Ariana, who is just the most adorable little chub you’ll ever see. Ronnie’s mom comes to visit him and asks how he’s doing. “Everything is about the baby at this point and the rest will just fall into place.” So I interpreted that as he can care less about Jen right now. Still think he should ditch her but we know Ronnie is thick-headed.  


After we see how Ron is doing we go to Mike hanging out with Vinny and Pauly back in Seaside and they talk wedding business. Mike formally invites the two of them to be part of the bridal party but is conflicted about asking Ronnie to join because he’s been dealing with a lot of his own personal stuff right now and doesn’t want to add one more responsibility to him as a friend. The end the episode has the gang say goodbye to the Shore House one more time before an emotional send off and somewhat of a cliffhanger. We have no idea what they’ll be doing next. I don’t feel like it was a season finale of sorts, so I'll call it a mid-season finale (because that is exactly what it was).


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