So I really don’t know who’s more of a mo-mo, Nicole or Jenni.

We pick up from last week back in Jersey with the two of them are discussing their fight from Vegas. They haven’t spoken a couple days and when they finally did Nicole came out in my opinion the winner.

She said that if you would’ve told me how you really felt from the get-go we could’ve worked through it and fixed it. Instead you just got up and left and she didn’t think that was cool. From Jenni‘s expression on her face it looks like she was still not over the fight and even took a jab at Nicole and Angelina‘s relationship by asking Snooks how is your new best friend, referring to Angelina.

Now if I were Nicole I would freak out of on her too and tell her to get over it which is exactly what happened. You’re adults, kiss and make up already and stop being so extra.

Back in Vegas it’s ‘Operation: Four Guidos and a Baby,’ as Ron, Vinny, Pauly, and Mike go to a baby store to get Ron’s baby Ariana some stuff for her around the house because Jen took everything into the new house (since they are living separate from each other for the time being). While there Mike and Vinny look confused at everything around them because they don’t have kids, yet. Ronnie is appreciative of the guys for helping him out in his time of need.

Best part of this whole situation (no pun intended) is Mike trying on a baby Bjorn and putting a bag of chips inside for him to eat. I love 'Big Daddy Sitch' so much.

They eventually return to the scene of the crime aka Ron’s house where that live Instagram video was shot of Jen and Ron’s fight that went viral a few months back. Everyone was so amazed at how much damage was done, smashed TVs and everything.

At dinner that night Pauly and Vinny break the news to Mike and Ronnie that they are taking their relationship to a whole new level by having a ‘Bromittment’ ceremony. Mike states that if any two people were going to get hitched in Vegas it would be Vinny and Pauly. This was 10 years in the making so I’m glad Vinny said yes!

And they didn’t waste time either as they all went to a small chapel in Vegas to make it official. Pauly was the groom and looked fly, Vinny was a beautiful bride with a nice veil. And Mike was the (worst) flower girl. As Pauly and Vinny stand before an Elvis impersonator exchanging vows you can see Mike behind them slowly eating the smallest wedding cake I’ve ever seen. The dude just gives no f’s at all and made it all the more hysterical.

The guys finally have the night they always wanted and went to the club. According to Pauly and Mike they literally turned their cabana at the club into ‘Thotchella,’ and man they were not kidding. Mike couldn’t believe all the women around him, but being a good fiancé he didn’t falter, and dodged all the Thotties coming his way as if he were in the matrix. They guys later took the party to the room where things escalate quickly in true Vegas style. A high note to end the Vegas saga this season for sure.

This season has been great but next week the gang returns to Seaside Heights where it all began. Partayyyys here!

Honorable mention: Ron in awe watching mike raid the buffet is something I didn’t know I needed until I saw it. God bless Mike and that appetite. He is my spirit animal. All hail the Picasso of buffets, Mike ‘The ‘Dish-uation’’ (just came up with that now, couldn’t be prouder).

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