There are just so many things wrong with looking for love in the club, despite what the song says.

We are now down to the final six episodes of 'Jersey Shore: Family Vacation' and that makes me want to cry, why does it have to end?!

Our favorite gang of guidos and guidettes head to the strip club where Jenni makes it a personal mission to dance with any and all strippers. She succeeds, and leaves my jaw, along with MVP's on the floor too.

But poor Vinny though. The guy needs to find religion and not get tempted at the strip clu-, oh wait, that happened again this week.

It's ironic because to be #KetoGuido, one needs to have very strong willpower when it comes to eating. Vinny has got that down no problem, but when it comes to physical wants and needs, that's another thing.

Snooki on the other hand is occupied with something else other than booties in the air, and that's dollar bills on the floor.

"Jersey Shore Family Vacation" Premiere Party
Getty Images for MTV

Not the greatest Snooki moment when she sees singles fall from the sky and land on the floor from people 'making it rain.' I guess she was really really drunk in the moment because she didn't put two and two together and realize that was the stripper's money they earned. It took a few roomies to tell her that was a very bad idea to take that money, as they would get kicked out. She was even called out by a stripper. Snooki eventually handed the money back over but man was I sweating during that whole exchange.

How broke are you to be on your hands and knees grabbing singles on the floor from strippers saying this is 'diaper money?' Bad optics.

Later on in the show Mike and Jenni go ring shopping because in a previous episode Mike comes out and says he wants to pop the question to his girlfriend back home. Well the poor dude gets overwhelmed when the prices are brought up. I mean, what guy wouldn't sweat when you have $45,000 engagement ring staring you down?

Good on him too for being aware of his 'situation' with the government and saying maybe now is not the time to be making a big purchase. I have to say I'm really liking the new "Situation." I hope he stays.

The show wraps up with Pauly D looking for love. Let me rephrase that, the roommates are looking for love for Pauly.

The girls and guys separate while our favorite DJ gets dressed up at home. Little does he know though that both teams have failed in finding any girls to bring home. Pauly still thinks they have a girl waiting and the gang feels bad that they didn't find anyone so they decide to bake and cake, and this is the literal icing on said cake, surprise Pauly by introducing him to Victoria, aka Vinny in drag. And am pretty sure he falls in love with Victoria.

Who needs love in the club when you have that?

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