She's back with a brand new attitude, and a good one might I say.

Last week we saw "Prank War Champ" Pauly pull off quite possibly the greatest prank in the history of pranks, and that was by bringing former roomie Angelina back into the fold.

Well, it looks like Pauly's prank was too good, as we saw in the latest episode.

"Jersey Shore Family Vacation" Premiere Party
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We pick up the right where we left off from last week, when Snooki, Deena, and Jenni come back from Jersey to find Angelina sitting in their living room. Shocked is not even the word.

Snooki best puts it, "What is she doing here?!"

She and Jenni proceed to rip her a new one by bombarding her with questions and asking why she is back, with Angelina saying she wants a third chance at this and she is changed person and 8 years is a long time to hold a grudge.

Jenni is not buying it for a second telling her she is a chew toy and throws jabs at her. Deena is the only one who wants to give her a change from the get-go but the other ladies are not for it.

I titled this recap the 'den of wolves' because that is exactly what Jwoww and Snooki are, wolves. Not everyone is perfect, look at Mike. If HE can change, and he most certainly did, then surely Angelina can, just give it a chance.

It takes the majority of the episode for Nicole to give Angelina a chance. After clearing the air about a tabloid story and Angelina apologizing Nicole finally lets her in and proceeds to get drunk with her. Angelina got some help in the form of Ronnie, who quickly aligned with her much to the dismay of Snooki and Jenni, but it payed off.

But what really rubbed me the wrong way was the ending of the episode. Before they go to dinner the gang decides that yes she really did change, but they want to see that change outside of Miami, and want to send her back home.

So at dinner they make a nice toast to Angelina about how she is changed and welcomed back Jenni proceeds to tell her that even though she has changed, she wants to see if it's not a front because they are in Miami and want to see it back home.

and the show ends on Angelina's shocked expression.

I never thought I would say this but I feel for Angelina in this case. She worked so hard to get back on their good side only to be thrown back to the curb and out of Miami.

She was played, and dragged along for the ride thinking everything was cool only when the whole time the group wanted her to go back home.

Now we'll see if she actually goes home next week, but I hope she doesn't.

Like I said, the den of wolves...

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