There are only 3 episodes left of JSFV, which breaks my heart because I have no idea what I am going to do on Thursdays anymore.

The big plots of this week's episode are the return of my favorite non-roommate character, Uncle Nino, and the arrangement of Mike's marriage proposal to his longtime girlfriend Lauren.

UNCLE. F******. NINO. This dude needs to get a spin-off ASAP, and I'm not even kidding either.

Vinny's Mom and Uncle Nino show up to house and give it a good clean before they get back from the Bahamas. The OG guido quickly gets comfy and strips down to a speedo and a robe and goes in the backyard to enjoy the bay/pool/fake Sammi doll.

Needless to say the gang was very surprised to come home to a clean house and Vinny's family. Uncle Nino was his normal, comprehensible self with the ladies and was outrageous.

And so was the family dinner.

Of course in true Italian style you have the appetizers which are everything from mozzarella, peppers, cheese, and olives. Then you move to the fettuccine and then the chicken cutlets follow right after. Yes, The situation duh right in and was going to town.

Speaking of Mike, the second half of the show was all about how he was going to propose to his girlfriend, which the girls got heavily involved in.

Jenni took control of the whole thing more or less and gave Mike instructions of what to do because he really had no idea how to go about it, which angered her. Also the fact that she didn't get a thank you for hooking him up with his blingy engagement ring stewed with her too.

Mike's girlfriend eventually shows up and everyone loves her. the boiling point came at dinner though with Jenni, who turns back into JWoww, blowing up on Mike who honestly had no clue why. His girlfriend at the time was taken to a separate part of the Sugar Factory so she didn't see any of this but eventually all was forgiven.

The episode ends though with Ronnie, who has completely spiraled down now. He cries in the confessional about how he wants the kind of relationship Mike has and loves the relationship Vinny has with his family and just breaks down because he wants that too and wants it but can't.

I didn't think I could pity Ron any more but here I am. The last three episodes should be very, very, interesting.

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