I'm so glad I am not the only one that says they need a vacation to get away from their vacation. I'm just one of the unfortunate ones who can't make that a financial possibility.

But that's not the case for our favorite Guidos this week, as the gang decides as a family that they need to get away from the huge, beautiful house in Miami and escape to another beautiful resort in the Bahamas. Makes sense.

But first the group decides to boot Angelina, but with no hard feelings, as they finally saw the light and see that she really is not that bad. They celebrate the "new" Angelina by taking her out to the club where they all proceed to get smashed, but what makes this interesting is actually the car ride back.

Angelina goes on to say that she thinks she went #2 in the car, which freaks out all the girls and proceed to laugh/gag/freak out. The guys are in a separate car.

Angelina then comes up with the key phrase from the episode, and says that what happened to her was a "p****d s**t."

Disgusting because, well, think about it, and funny because of the reaction the roommates gave her when she dropped that term. Even Snooki, Jenni, and Deena had no clue what she was talking about. That little hiccup did not deter the group from wanting to chill with Angelina outside of Miami, so it looks like she left on good terms with them.

Jersey Shore Reunion Trailer Family Vacation

Angelina's shocking arrival though exhausted the group so they decided to 'vacation from their vacation.' Must be nice. They go to Bimini, which looks gorgeous.

Everyone seems to be having fun in their own way, and that can be especially said for Mike, who is "living his best life" by eating everything on the island. Who can blame him, he is on vacation after all.

The subplot of the episode is the best as we see Vinny's hysterical mother and OG Guido Uncle Nino going to visit Vin because she's worried since he isn't picking up her calls (as he was in Bimini). She arrives to an empty house in Miami and proceeds to clean it up for him while Uncle Nino enjoys himself by the pool with the Sammi doll.

The episode ends with the gang returning back home to see Vinny's Mom making Sunday dinner for them.

Next week should be comical with the return of Uncle Nino.

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