My opinion on Ronnie has changed drastically from last season.

He is no villain, rather a very tragic, unfortunate person.

This week on ‘Jersey Shore: Family Vacation Part 2′ we dived more into Ronnie and his baby mama drama, and got more information that was previously unknown to us. I truly do feel for the guy now because he does not deserve any of what he is going through.

Ronnie finally convinces himself to go see an attorney in Vegas, just to weigh his options. While he is off camera, back at the room the roomies (and even producers) gets a surprise visit from none other than Jen, Ron’s baby mama. And man does she look unhinged and ready to blow her top.

A verbal fight breaks out between the two with insults being thrown back and forth when finally the end-all (at least for this episode) be-all was when Jen cleared her throat and spit a loogy on Ron's face. That was when security stepped in and the episode cut to black.

It's been a pretty dark start to the season to say the least, but the show still tries to fit in some lighter moments we are accustomed to seeing. Of course cut to Mike, I mean 'Big Daddy 'Sitch' eating a meal for 6 kings, and Snooki, Jwoww, Pauly, and Vinny gambling in the casino for the fist time. Side note, they are horrible gamblers, and that disappointed me.

Did I mention that I love this show?

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