Sorry ladies, The Situation is officially off the market.

Before we go any further if you need a recap of last week's episode you can check that out here.

This week on 'Jersey Shore Family Vacation' we saw both a new high and new low. Obviously we saw the high with Mike getting engaged to his longtme girlfriend Lauren, but can you guess who had the low of the night. If you've been watching this is a no-brainer.

Rich Polk/Getty Images
Rich Polk/Getty Images

I can't feel any more sorry for Ronnie. The downward spiral continues as he wallows about the type of relationship he has and compares it to everyone else's. He wants what Mike, Jenni, and Snooki have; a picture perfect happily ever after relationship with the person they love the most. All Ronnie has, according to himself, is a baby on the way with his baby mama with whom he has a trust issue with (she cheated on him in the past) and doesn't 'love' her.

The group is now worried about Ronnie because it's getting more and more obvious that he is in a dark place, as if the crying didn't make it obvious. He even passed up on helping Mike get stuff for his engagement party. He opted to stay in bed instead, which Mike took offense to.

Speaking of Mike, the big plot of this episode was the preparing of his wedding proposal to his girlfriend.

It's finally nice to see something go right for Mike, and yes I still remember that he did something illegal and is probably going to do some time for it, but he is a changed person for the better. The girls had the job to take Lauren out and get pampered and out of the way of the guys while they set up the backyard.

I have to say, they didn't do a bad job with what they had. After it was all said and done it turned out to be a very special night that I'm sure Lauren won't forget. Pauly D DJ'd of course, Vinny was the waiter, Ronnie took care of the lights and projector after he was done crying. It almost made me want to get married when it was all said and done!

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