This was the episode I was waiting for, grab your trash bag because she's back!

It took a lot of buildup but Angelina is finally back on the 'Jersey Shore.' And you can thank Pauly D for that, aka the 'Prank War Champ.'

The episode actually kicks off with the Snooki and Jenni heading back to Jersey to visit their families for a few short days, leaving Deena alone with the guys. But not for long though because the guys come up with a genius plan to send Deena home to her husband so that they can have a guy's week, which never happens.

Their delivery of the news to Deena is questionable (they wrote a note) but the message was well received and Deena took off.

The guys are now left alone to do guy things like hit up the strip club, drive a bunch of $2 million Mercedes, and prank each other. Just when you think they've pulled off the ultimate prank, someone else tops that. This time the target is The Situation.

"Jersey Shore Family Vacation" Premiere Party
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Pauly D retakes the crown by secretly calling former roommate Angelina with hope that she comes to the Miami and scares Mike. She quickly agrees and then proceeds to tell Vinny and Ron.

The idea is to see if Mike has really changed into this new nice guy by bringing in one of his, and the rest of the house's frenemy. While Vinny and Ron are reluctant the plan is put in motion regardless.

The next day at dinner the guys are eating (the girls haven't returned yet from Jersey), Mike hears a knock at the door. Being told that it is probably the girls he goes to help them but is shocked to find the Dirty Little Hamster Angelina.

And we get the glorious shot that we saw in the promo.

She stuns Mike, throws a few cheap shots, and then to Pauly D's surprise they reconcile, kind of. I guess you would say they are 'cool' with each other now. But the real test is the girls, and the reaction they will have when they see her in the house.

We got a small taste of it at the very end with Snooki looking so shocked she just stops mid sentence, which is hard because they are all really drunk.

Next week should definitely be interesting. Will the girls make up with Angelina, and will she actually stay this time?

Only time will tell.

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