As I pointed out on Twitter, pretty sure Ron and Vinny love Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines" because they were sure flirting with them last night.

We don't waste any time this week as we pick right up with the arrival of Ron's pregnant girlfriend Jen in Miami and the awkwardness that ensues on 'Jersey Shore: Family Vacation'.

So much to get to, let's dive this with this week's takeaways...


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    Ronnie's Girl Has A Sharp Tongue

    First impressions go a long way, and Jen made it known to the roommates that she can hang with the best of them.

    Shortly after arriving in Miami Jen greeted the gang, specifically Mike, as "The Incarceration." This jab not only shocked the viewers, but also the roomies and Mike himself.

    Somebody needs to learn to read a room, one just doesn't come storming in and wrecking shop with an insult like that. Obviously this was a jab at Mike's 'situation,' no pun intended, but that didn't throw him off, as he quickly made a French Fry reference that flew over her head and right into Ronnie's face.

    She left Miami feeling ok with Ron, but he is starting to question again what he really wants in life.

    Fast forward to now, we know of the social media spat that he had with Jen a few weeks ago, so in hindsight, not looking good.

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    Welcome To The 'IFF', Vinny

    It's been awhile since we had a new induction into the 'I'm F****** Foundation,' but that all changes with our #KetoGuido Vinny.

    Now I personally think he really didn't do anything wrong but that's just my opinion.

    As a joke in the strip club, he wanted to 'save' a girl because he thought she was way too beautiful to be working in a strip joint. So he goes to her and picks her up and carries her a few feet away.

    Maybe this next sentence will shed some light on how often I frequent those establishments but I didn't even think you were allowed to come in contact with strippers.

    Well, anyway, that happened and the roommates went on and ragged on him for cheating. Vinny argued that what he did was fine and went the next mile to prove it and pull a Ron, which is actually calling his girl to tell him.

    Well that didn't really go over well as his girlfriend flipped out over the phone and proceeded to tell him why that's wrong.

    Who's going to be next to disrespect their significant other and let the cat out of the bag?

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