One word: D Y S F U N C T I O N A L.

And just like we went from 0-60 in a two-hour show. That was a pretty dark first episode, the s*** storm is definitely about to settle in. Last night was the premiere of 'Jersey Shore: Family Vacation Part 2' on MTV, and I felt reunited with my extended family again.

Just a few days earlier I wrote about what I wanted to see on the first episode of 'JSFV' like Ronnie's baby mama situation and Deena's pregnancy. Check out that blog here. Some of those things were brought up while other were not. Then there were things that nobody saw coming like Jenni's issue with the group about Mother's Day.

With all that being said here are 20 thoughts I had while watching 'Jersey Shore: Family Vacation Part 2'.


  • Ronnie did good with baby Ariana. She is soooo cute! And the roommates agree.
  • I forgot that Deena lives in the town where I'm from. I feel close to her, not in a creepy way.
  • Pauly D sets the location for 'Part 2' telling everyone to come out to Vegas and see Ronnie's baby and crash in this swanked-out room the Planet Hollywood.
  • Denna's preggo! WOO another meatball on the way (Deena says she won't be making the trip to Vegas because of her bun in the oven).
  • I feel so bad for Jwoww. She's going thru a lot with Grayson's speech therapy.
  • Btw go follow her son Grayson on Instagram. He's another cute one.
  • I can't believe Mike was the only roommate that participated in the Mother's Day video to Jenni. That hurts.
  • Angelina and Jenni still have beef? I thought that was squashed last season?
  • At least Nicole and Angelina are friends, I'm #TeamDirtyLittleHamster!
  • Vinny is single again. That was obvious from last season.
  • Pauly are Vinny are going to do some damage in Vegas, the team is back!
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  • Ronnie is really loving the title of 'Dad', and couldn't be happier for him. It's all about his daughter now.
  • The guys arrive in Vegas before the girls do, and what unfolds is the LAMEST guys night I've ever seen. All because of Ronnie and his new squeaky-clean image.
  • He is on such a short leash with his baby mama since Miami, she doesn't trust him. So he's trying to be the best he can be but it's obviously difficult and even painful to watch.
  • Ronnie's spiral starts when he gets a call from Jen saying she's coming to visit because her flight was delayed.
  • Ron says she puts on this nice act but acts a completely different way when it's just them two (we saw this on social media and on the news recently).
  • You can't take Ron out anywhere after the switch flips and goes on a 'Ron-page'.
  • The roommates finally have a 'Ron-tervention' (just made that up now, kind of proud), to get him to talk about this awkward Ron.
  • The episode ends with Jwoww and Ron taking shots at each other bringing up how they're relationships are doing with Jen giving some pretty real advice to Ron pertaining to his situation. “You want my honest opinion, leave her and fight for your daughter…You got a crazy b**** pregnant!”
  • And this is just the beginning. Buckle up, everyone.

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