Since gyms and fitness centers closed in mid-March, many avid gym-goers have been left stuck with nothing but a mat and a resistance band. For women, it’s easy to find workouts online that will tone your abdominals, your legs, and your glutes. However, for men, it may be a little more complicated, as a yoga mat and a pack of resistance bands may not cut it. Here’s a list of four workout apps specifically geared towards men.

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    This app features more than 2,500 audio classes that include 15 different trainers that create new workouts every week. The app requires a subscription, but users get unlimited use of various different workouts, so you will not catch yourself repeating the same workout. Some of the workouts include running challenges, lifting, cycling, or race training. The app costs $14.99/month or $99.99/full year. Visit Aaptiv’s website for more information or to subscribe.

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    Playbook, formerly called Fitner, pairs you with a trainer, social media influencer, or athlete of your choice. Once you choose a partner, you will begin receiving daily updates on your trainer’s workout routines and wellness advice, like health tips or nutritional advice. You can even swap trainers as much as you like after choosing one initially. The app runs $9.99/month.

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    This app is dedicated to people who are committed to getting leaner, fitter, and stronger. You choose your goal and once you do, you will get a six week program that provides you with weekly workout goals. The best part about this app is that you make the decisions: you set your goal, you set your current fitness level, and you decide how much time you want to dedicate to working out. Sworkit gives you access to workouts including HIIT and Tabata workouts. The app is free, but if you choose to commit to a premium subscription, then you're looking at $29.99 quarterly or $59.99 annually.

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    4. JEFIT

    This app is for all the men who are dedicated to gym training. There are over 1,300 exercises included in the app. This app does not necessarily plan out your workout routine, but it allows you to choose from plenty of workouts that are tailored to you and will switch up your typical routine. JEFIT is free on iOS and Android devices.

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