What's better than a typical prank phone call? A prank phone call with animation! Check out this cartoon version of Brooke and Jeffrey's producer Jose messing with an unsuspecting Subway customer.

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In this Phone Tap, poor Ben doesn't realize what a mistake he made placing an online food order. 'Rolando' decides to offer some alternative menu items that he feels would really speak to Ben's heart and soul. But Ben doesn't understand why a fast food worker would be so emotional about what he likes to eat. 'Rolando' just doesn't want Ben's sandwich to be a travesty.

It doesn't take long for Ben to become fed up with the inquisition and unwanted suggestions, and he finally utters the words we know all too well, 'I'd like to speak to a manager!'

How will Ben react when he finds out this call is all a joke? Watch the animated adventure below!

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