SoJO morning show co-host Brooke Fox mistakenly got to know a listener a little too well.

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Ever just been going about your day and notice you've got a private message on Instagram? Usually just a friend sending you something fun or juicy, right?

It's rarely that of a fit, naked man standing in a restaurant, which totally caught Brooke off guard.

In the most recent edition of 'What's On Your Mind?', where the Brooke & Jeffrey team unload on each other for a bit of group therapy, Brooke dished on the NSFW pic she recently received.

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Naturally, her eyes bugged out of her head! Especially, since she opened the message with her kids close by!

Brooke had no reason not to open the DM, considering it was from a fan she'd had harmless conversation with before. But it sounds like the listener was interested in helping Brooke REALLY get to know him. ALL of him.

Check out more of Brooke's story below and watch the full 'What's On Your Mind?' video.

When are DP's ever going to stop? Lol. No one needs to see THAT. Lol.

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