What's better than a typical prank phone call? A prank phone call with animation! Check out this cartoon version of morning show co-host Brooke posing as a bank teller who gives a customer some not-so-sweet news about his account.

We've all been there. In line at the bank or in the drive-thru, and when it's our turn, sometimes we'd get a free lollipop. That was awesome. Sometimes, ya take two. One for now, one for later.

But the 'one for later' might just have been what got this bank customer in hot water in the first place.

In this Phone Tap, Brooke is 'Rachel', a bank manager calling John to tell him there's a problem. He took too much free during his most recent visit, and it was all caught on camera.

'Rachel' proceeds to inform John that the bank invites customers to withdrawal ONE piece of candy per visit, not THREE. He just got too greedy.

John begins to get heated, and tells Rachel the candy is complimentary, what should it matter how many pieces he took?

That's when Rachel guilt trips him about how he quite literally took candy from a baby after a kid came in and she had nothing to give him. The prank call finally boils over when Rachel tells John she's cancelling his bank account after this incident.

If John mays a 'deposit' of more candy, will all be forgiven?

Watch the cartoon version of the Brooke & Jeffrey Phone Tap 'Bank Candy' below.

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