It's summertime, and the games are on! But you're not going to see a competition like this in Tokyo. The Marshmallow Shot Put is something only the Brooke & Jeffrey team can pull off...maybe.

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Perhaps you've seen Marshmallow Shot Put before. It's a game we regularly play during the SoJO 104.9 Summer Kickoff parties. But Brooke & Jeffrey in the Morning have taken catching the treats in their mouths to a disgusting new level.

Ya see, these marshmallows are covered in ketchup. Yep, KETCHUP.

Brooke & Jeffrey/YouTube
Brooke & Jeffrey/YouTube

With the morning show crew broken down into teams, Brooke and Alexis vs. Jose and Jeffrey, who will be the first to catch six of the slimy, squishy marshmallows? Watch and see in the video below. 

Let the Brooke & Jeffrey Summer Games continue!

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P.S. Check out the video below to see how the Brooke & Jeffrey Summer Games event 'Spikey Soccer' went.

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Sexy Pics of Olympian Swimmer, Caeleb Dressel

I am obsessed with Caeleb Dressel and I already miss seeing him on tv everyday since the Tokyo Olympics are slowly coming to a close. It's not just because he is extremely hot, it's because he is humble and a fantastic athlete.

Caeleb is a 24 year old freestyle and butterfly swimmer from Florida and is not a stranger to the Olympics or winning gold medals. He's had a successful swimming career including when he attended the University of Florida.

He's and his wife, Meghan trained together in high school and Caeleb proposed to her in 2019. In know he's a married man, and hey, I'm a married woman. So I am respectfully appreciating this handsome man and hopefully you will too.

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