Bye, 2020. See you never.

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Every Friday during Brooke & Jeffrey in the Morning, Jeff his Song of the Week. They're not exactly 'parodies', most of the time they're more of a tribute.

Covid. Murder Hornets. Masks. Zoom. Social Distancing. Virtual Learning. BLM. The election. Protests. Screaming Karens. Prince Harry leaves the Royal Family. Did 2020 make us happier? Nope. Crappier? Yep. And, it just so happens that Marshmellow and Bastille's famous melody provided the perfect inspiration for Young Jeffrey's new Song of the Week.

'Who's in charge of this crappy year anyway? I want to speak to your manager!'

So, bring on 2021. Please hurry! We hope it brings with it some joy. And, if nothing else, Young Jeffrey's 'Crappier' helps you vent a little about the demise of this year.

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