We're pretty much cleared for takeoff! With more and more Americans getting vaccinated, vacations are back on the board. Young Jeffrey gets your in the mood with his new Song of the Week, 'I'll Be Travelin'.

Every Friday during Brooke & Jeffrey in the Morning, Jeff his Song of the Week. They're not exactly 'parodies', most of the time they're more of a tribute.

Whether you're travelling to Ocean City, Outer Banks, or Ibiza, Jeff's ready to get you pumped for vacay!

And if you've yet to book any summer getaways yet, maybe this Song of the Week will provide some inspiration.

Young Jeffrey found his in none other than Megan Thee Stallion's 'I'm A Savage'. Challenging, right? Jeff seriously impressed us with his version 'I'll Be Travelin' with his rap skills fully on display.

So, get back to searching for cruise ships and travel tips, and break out the sandals and rolling baggage!

If you missed Young Jeffrey's brand new Song of the Week, 'I'll Be Travelin', you can watch below.

Happy travelling! And, for more fun Brooke & Jeffrey videos, including Animated Phone Taps, open our app and tap the APP EXCLUSIVES feature.

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SOURCES: Brooke and Jeffrey/YouTube

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