Ready to watch the Brooke & Jeffrey in the Morning team munch on cicadas? 

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This cicada season, no one seems content to just let the insects emerge and do their thing. No. They apparently must be EATEN.

We've already written about so many cicada delicacies that can be found right here in New Jersey. We just had no idea that our own morning show would be that brave.

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The Brooke & Jeffrey in the Morning show hosts were blindfolded and challenge to figure out if what they were eating were chocolate-covered Gummy Bears or a chocolate-covered CICADAS!

NJ Dog Owners, Beware Your Dogs Munching on Cicadas

Producer Jose was prepared for the worst, with trash can in hand in case of emergency. And, as always, there was Intern Alexis all smiles, waiting for her turn. Will the joke be on HER? And, are Brooke and Jeffrey themselves off the hook?

Watch the whole disgusting event play out in the video below, and find out what the team thought of how cicadas taste. Better them than us, right?

Would you (or have you) eaten a cicada? Give us the 411 in the comments below.

You can hear Brooke & Jeffrey in the Morning weekdays from 5 a.m to 9 a.m. on SoJO.

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