With the warmer weather, it is easier than ever to get out of the house and do something active.  We are fortunate in New Jersey that state parks and beaches are open so we can go outdoors with kids and play some games, take a bike ride, hike or swim in the water.

There are also plenty of family activities that you can do right in your own backyard. How about something fun like a scavenger hunt, or obstacle course or go old school with some hula hooping, hopscotch or jump rope.   Do you know sales of ropes have jumped - no pun intended - since the start of the Covid shutdown.  Jumping rope is cheap, fun, and can be done almost anywhere.  It is a great cardio workout for both you and the kids. We have a full list of activities you can do that will keep the whole family engaged and active.

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    Go for a hike

    Parks and outdoor recreation areas are an important part of keeping families fit and healthy. Since state parks and beaches are now open, families now have that valuable option. You can search for some nature preserves or state parks around your area and try and go to a different one every time you and your family want to go for a walk or bike ride. That way, you’ll do a little exploring while also getting in some fitness.

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    Go for a bike ride

    Cycling is one of the best low-impact exercises that you can do and it can be fun for everyone in the family. If you have little ones you can strap them into a child bike seat and be on your way. Riding bikes allows for you to explore around your neighborhood or even explore through nature. It’s not too strenuous of an exercise that you can involve everyone in.

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    Play a sports game out in the yard

    No matter what sport your family is into, you can likely find a way to play it outside. Your family may be into soccer, but have no soccer net, so you can improvise and play kickball. If you have a basketball net available in your yard, you can get a game of basketball going. You can get everyone involved and play a full game of your favorite sport, or you can just go outside and have a catch with a football or baseball. Whatever gets you and your family motivated, do it! You’ll have more fun staying active if you enjoy what you’re doing. 

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    LightRocket via Getty Images John Greim / Contributor

    Play with the dog

    This is the easiest one of all. There are plenty of ways to get in some physical activity if you have a dog. You can get the whole family out and play fetch with the dog or even just take the dog for a walk/run. If you’re involving the whole family, you might as well involve the dog too! 

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    Go for a swim

    With the weather getting warm, having a pool is the ideal thing to have in your backyard. If you have a pool in your yard, swimming is the perfect way to burn some calories and also keep the whole family occupied. You can swim laps or get a fun game of volleyball going. Swimming is another non-strenuous exercise that has tons of benefits for your body. 


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    Plan a scavenger hunt/obstacle course in your backyard

    If you’re looking for ways to get creative, you can put together a scavenger hunt for the kids in the yard. You can hide clues around the yard that will lead to the next clue or you can simply plan out which objects should be found as a part of the hunt. Click here for more outdoor scavenger hunt ideas. For an obstacle course, you can use whatever items you may have in your backyard. You could even include a slip-and-slide or something that incorporates water as a way to stay cool in the hot upcoming temperatures.

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    Go old school

    Corn-hole and horseshoes are fun outdoor games that your whole family can enjoy. Corn-hole boards are easy enough to make with just a few steps. If you choose not to make your own board, you can easily find them online. Horseshoes is another easy game to get started in your yard as long as you have some open space, some horseshoes, and stakes to throw the horseshoes onto. For more outdoor family game ideas, check out Pinterest!

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