They're out there. Internet trolls. And they thrive on spreading negativity all over social media. But Young Jeffrey's had enough, so he's dedicated his Song of the Week to the haters.

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Every Friday during Brooke & Jeffrey in the Morning, Jeff his Song of the Week. They're not exactly 'parodies', most of the time they're more of a tribute.

In radio, on-air personalities have long had to deal with haters, and let those naysayers say what they want and keep on smiling. But these days, everyone will a cell phone or computer can hate on anyone, big or small, anytime. Internet trolls have the forum to spew negativity all day, everyday. And, it seems NO ONE is immune to being trolled. Celebrities, real housewives (like the ACTUAL real, regular people, not the reality stars on Bravo), kids, adults, restaurants, famous, and non-famous...everyone's had to absorb the hate the 'Negative Nancys' love to hide behind from the comfort of their mobile device.

So, last Friday, Young Jeffrey turned to one of movies BIGGEST all-time haters, Ursula from The Little Mermaid for inspiration, and a way to get inside the minds of internet trolls to imagine what they're sad, sorrowful lives must be like to turn their rage against the innocent!

If you missed 'Poor Internet Trolls', you can watch below.

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