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The Nutrition Sleep Connection (WATCH)
Sleep and nutrition are two important aspects of a healthy life and they are closely linked to each other.  What and when we eat affects our sleep, and the amount and quality of our sleep affects our hunger hormones and other aspects of our nutrition.  Sleeping well can help to control you…
Life On The Bright Side - World Autism Month
When Isabelle Mosca's son, Kyle, was diagnosed with autism at the age of one and a half, There were not many support options for families of kids with special needs, so she decided to start her own support group called Faces 4 Autism.
What is cupping and can it help you?
Cupping may be trendy, but it is actually an ancient therapy. It is used for pain, inflammation, blood flow, relaxation, and as a type of deep-tissue massage. Check out this video on cupping from Integrity Physical Therapy.
WATCH: Young Jeffrey Bids Farewell to Summer
With the weather turning chillier, the time has come to rearrange our closets, pull the sweaters and hoodies to the front, and push the tank tops and flip flops to the back. Young Jeffrey feels our pain with his new Song of the Week 'Bundled and Gloved'.

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