Remember those dangerous jellyfish that were hanging out in the back bay last year? Well, they're back swimming in Shrewsbury River in Monmouth County.

These dime-sized jellyfish called the Clinging Jellyfish (or Gonionemus vertens) made their first appearance last year, after a man was hospitalized for its sting.

While they're small, they are pretty dangerous. Reportedly, one bite from a clinging jellyfish can cause severe pain and other medical issues, like kidney failure. Typically they're found in shallow bay waters.

Check out this video courtesy of to see how they look:

See those tentacles? Those 60-90 tentacles are the source of the clinging jellyfish's painful neurotoxins, according to

The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection are currently investigating the jellyfish's second arrival to NJ, and speculate it may be an annual occurrence.

IF you do happen to see a clinging jellyfish (they're hard to detect), here's what to do if you're stung thanks to
  • Apply white vinegar to the affected area to to stop any stinging cells
  • Rinse the area with saltwater and remove any remaining tentacle materials with protective gear [NO BARE HANDS!]
  • Cold packs or ice can then be applied to alleviate pain. A hot compress works also
  • If symptoms persist or pain increases, seek prompt medical attention.

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