Young snowy owls have made a rare appearance here in South Jersey exciting birdwatchers and wildlife enthusiasts alike. But don't get too close!

NBC Philadelphia says as of now, 5-6 owls have been seen so far, and have made their way all the way down from the Arctic tundra. Experts speculate they're probably looking for a place to roost, or rest on the ground, especially since they're free to wander with all their food production up north.

Experts say you're more likely to find them hanging out in beach dunes, but they do warn to not get close to an owl if they feel threatened. Virginia Retting of Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge tells NBC:

"If you see an owl and it starts fidgeting and it starts looking at you and it sees you, you know you are probably already are disturbing the bird, [sic] You never want to get close enough where you make the bird flush or move away."

Instead, let's welcome to these beautiful creatures AND respect their space, shall we?

Source: NBC Philadelphia

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