South Jersey police alert residents Wednesday morning to keep an eye out for a large snake that managed to get away from them.

My eyes nearly popped out of my head when this news popped up on my Twitter feed.

Cute little garden snakes are one thing, but a boa constrictor is a completely different story!

NBC10 Philadelphia reports, Paulsboro police were sent to the 200 block of E Jefferson Street after they received a call about a large snake underneath a porch.

By the time animal control showed up, the snake escaped!

The snake is reportedly 60 pounds and is about 10-12 feet long. Thankfully, police managed to get a photo of the snake before it disappeared into a hole in the ground.

Luckily, they aren't venomous but they can be harmful to humans and pets because it can caught off blood supply.

So for now, police ask residents to keep pets inside, and call if they happen to see the snake.

Check out the snake courtesy of Paulsboro Police Facebook page:


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