After reports of residents spotting a large cat near Hammonton, authorities in Winslow Township are investigating.

Fox29 News says witnesses believe these large cats are possibly mountain lions, which (fun fact) used to be popular in that area.

Officials at New Jersey Fish and Wildlife can't determine for certain what animal it is, but haven't ruled out that it's a cat based off this photograph.

Although they haven't harmed anyone, officials do advise residents to take proper precaution and keep their distance.

Unless you're like Heather DeLuca who is already planning a home for these cats in her backyard.
Also, if you see one of these cats, call Winslow Township's Animal Control at 609-567-0700 to report sightings.
UPDATE: Jill Myra has informed us the large cat isn't a mountain was in fact just an abnormally large cat.

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