The worst thing that could possibly happen while saving a bear's life, is getting caught in the trap yourself. 

Which is exactly what happened to this animal activist up in Vermon Township (near Sussex County) on August 17.

Albert Kazemian was arrested shortly after getting caught in the bear trap on his neighbor's property. Reportedly, he was trying to disable the trap by removing the bait. After he couldn't get out, he called his friend's cellphone for some help.

Instead, the neighbor called police who I'm assuming they helped him instead!

Now, Albert is being charged with: "disorderly conduct, harassment, resisting arrest, impeding the lawful taking of wildlife, obstruction of a governmental function."

His neighbor says Albert initially tried to change his mind. When that didn't work, Albert went to his neighbor's home to verbally confront her. Then I guess he took matters into his own hands.


At least no one can say he isn't passionate about the cause. mentions another incident in 2008 involving using human urine to stop bears from going into traps. Gross.

Aside from whatever views you may have on animal activism, you have to admit it seems a little comical. At least in mine it definitely does.

Stay safe everyone!

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