A waitress at Under The Moon Cafe in Burlington County was shocked to see what one of her customers wrote on the back of their dinner receipt.

The words 'don't tip immigrants' was scribbled on the back of a check given to a couple who had stopped into the cafe for dessert.

Server Lorena Bossi tells 6abc.com that the couple seemed pleased with their service until they overheard her speaking Spanish to a co-worker.

Santiago Orosco, the owner of the Under Moon Cafe in Bordentown, and an immigrant himself, called the diners' actions "totally unacceptable", and wrote a long letter regarding the incident on his Facebook page.

Bossi says if the same couple we to come back to Under The Moon Cafe, she would still treat them with respect. We couldn't agree more, Lorena. Love is always greater than hate. XO.

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