One New Jersey farm used pumpkins as a way of reminder residents of their civic duty.

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The Happy Day Farm in Manalapan Township took what looks like hundreds of pumpkins to create the message 'Get Out & Vote 2020'. It's the sweetest looking reminder I've seen yet about the upcoming Presidential Election, posted by to their official Instagram. The photo was taken by Katie Watt, and also posted by the farm.

How cool does the aerial view of this look? It must have taken a team of people and a lot of time to plot this installation out and bring it to fruition. Happy Day Farm did an amazing job.

I'm thinking of possibly recreating this on my own front lawn with mini pumpkins. But given how divisive this particular presidential race has been, someone would probably come and either steal them or kick them to smithereens, even though the message isn't a partisan one as much as it is a 'call to action'.

Have you used pumpkins or gourds to spell out anything? Or have you used them to create an image? We'd love to know what your inspiration was, and if you have pictures, we'd love to see them. You can share in the comment box below.

And, keep in mind, that November 3rd is coming quick! It's just 28 days away. Whether you plan to vote in person or by mail, we have everything you need to know about Vote 2020 here.

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