New evidence shows community volunteer and Veterans advocate April Kauffman was severely injured but not yet deceased at the time she was found in her Linwood home, according to Press Of Atlantic City.

Kauffman was breathing and semi-conscious after being shot several times when medics arrived to the scene May 10th.  She eventually succumb to her gunshot injuries.  She was found by property caretaker Will Gonzalez who was there tending to Kauffman's birds.  The victim also had limb lacerations according to the 911 call made my Gonzalez:

“My boss is flat on the floor in her bedroom.  She has a cut on her arm. She’s not answering.”

--excerpt from 911 call released by Atlantic County Prosecutor's Office

It is now known that April Kauffman's husband, Dr. James Kauffman was also present at the home at the time of her discovery.   James' attorney Ed Jacobs ensures his client has been, and will continue to be, fully cooperative in the investigation into his wife's murder.

New information made available this week also shows that police were called the Kauffman residence in Linwood 30 times in 10 years.  Those incidents, however, were not related to any domestic unrest but to trips to their home alarm system and to the Kauffmans being vigilant neighborhood watchers.

“Although we have forensic tools, this is not ‘CSI,’ where things get done within the hour. Some things take days and weeks to do, as is the case in any type of technically oriented investigation. We can’t say how long something like this takes.”

--Atlantic County Prosecutor Ted Housel

April Kauffman, also a local radio show host, was involved with Veterans rights groups and, posthumously, one of the programs she had been lobbying to put in place for more accessible Veterans healthcare benefits in Atlantic County was recently approved.

There has been no arrest in the murder of April Kauffman and investigators are still searching for a motive.