Tim Hortons, the café and bakeshop popular in other U.S. states and in Canada, is closer to opening up Stratford, Camden County.

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To be honest, I didn't know what a 'Tim Hortons' was until a couple of years ago when I was listening to a true-crime podcast and the hosts kept referring to Tim Hortons like it was a person's house, lol. It took me a bit to realize Tim Hortons was a coffee shop.

Of course, as a Starbucks lover, my curiosity was piqued because there was no Tim Hortons here in South Jersey. I eventually did see there are a few in North Jersey, in and around Philadelphia, and in Delaware, but I still haven't ventured to one.

It looks like, soon, I won't have to go far to have my first Tim Hortons experience. One has been built in Stratford! I was just over that way this week and it's looking like it could open its doors in a matter of weeks.

Back in May, we shared the good news after seeing a report on 42freeway.com confirming the construction.

The new Tim Hortons Donut and Coffee Shop being developed in Stratford took a giant leap in progress, when what feels...

Posted by 42 Freeway on Tuesday, May 11, 2021

The Tim Hortons, known for their coffee and donuts, will be located on the White Horse Pike at New Road, right between the CVS and TD Bank and within walking distance to the Lindenwold PATCO train station.

It's probably going to do really well just from its proximity to the railway. I've already got my eye on trying one of their breakfast sandwiches.

Burger King In Talks To Acquire Canadian Chain Tim Horton's
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According to 42freeway.com, Tim Hortons gets its name from a Toronto Maple Leaf's hockey player who started the chain in 1964. Canadians call Tim Hortons 'Timmies'.

There's still no confirmed date for when this South Jersey 'Timmies' is set to open, but it's gotta be soon since it looks like paving of the parking lot and landscaping are next to be completed.

SOURCES: 42freeway.com; 42 Freeway/Facebook

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