The program advocate April Kauffman was working on (shortly before her death) to give Veterans better access to health care has been approved.

SoJO reported the former radio host and community volunteer was found shot to death in her Linwood home earlier this month and an arrest has yet to be made in her case, but a contribution very close to her heart will come to fruition, NBC 40 reports.

No Arrests Made In The Shooting Of Community Volunteer

Under this new plan active and retired military personnel and their dependents living in Atlantic County will have access to hospital services at Shore Medical Center as well as a dialysis facility in Northfield.

Governor of Relations for Shore Medial Center, Richard Pitman, tells NBC 40 that April Kauffman was instrumental in bringing the Tricare contract to South Jersey through her connections on Capitol Hill.

"She knew people we couldn't get to." Pitman said.  "That started those wheels turning and we were able to secure that certification."

47-year old April Kauffman was laid to rest by family and friends at beth El Synagogue in Margate last week.  Her husband Dr. Jim Kauffman, who had retained counsel but is not yet considered to be a suspect, spoke at his wife's service saying "I love and miss you so much.  I don't know what to do without you.  I hope to be with you soon".

Update:  April Kauffman's Husband Being Questioned

But the causes April believed in will live on thanks to her passion and determination.  Pitman continues, "One of the things that moved this hospital towards its Tricare certification was April putting people together and making sure people at all levels of government know how committed Shore Medical Center is and to find a way to serve Veterans."

That Tricare contract is set to become effective on June 3rd.  This new program could have a ripple effect and change Veterans rights nationwide.

The Atlantic County Prosecutor's Office currently has no update in the murder investigation.