With so much going on in the world, most of us are feeling a little more anxious than usual lately. A getaway vacation might not be an option right now, but there are still ways you can relax your mind right at home. Meditation has an array of benefits including increased focus, reduced stress, better sleep, and reduced anxiety.

Practicing mindfulness allows you to get in touch with yourself and your emotions all while learning how to control your anxieties and stressors. We have five of the most effective meditation apps below. Some are free and some cost a little more,  but if you’re a newbie to mediation and just want to test the waters, then these apps are definitely worth checking out!

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    Calm has been downloaded by people more than 50 million times. When you download the app, you will be promoted to complete the Daily Calm or figure out a more specific mediation that is catered towards your needs. Calm runs $70 annually, but you can sign up with a seven-day free trial.

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    Headspace brands itself as “your gym membership for the mind.” This app even offers sleep music and soundscapes for when you can’t stop your mind from racing when it’s finally time to rest. The cost is $13 monthly with a one-week free trial or $70 annually with a two-week free trial. However, if you have become unemployed due to Covid-19, you can get this app for FREE for a full year!

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    Aura is the app made for people whose anxiety spikes before a date or a job interview. It’s also made for people who need help snapping out of a panic attack. The app is a collection of three-minute sessions and 30-second sessions to help combat anxiety before it gets the best of you. A premium membership is $12 monthly, $60 annually, or $400 for lifetime use. 

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    Smiling Mind

    Smiling Mind prides itself on being driven by impact and not for profits. This free app, developed by psychologists and educators, focuses on mindfulness. This app is particularly beneficial for people who feel more anxious as a result of the pandemic. Perhaps you’re feeling stressed because your life got disrupted or just because of the unpredictability of it all. Either way, Smiling Mind may be able to help.

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    10% Happier

    10% Happier is for all the people that are reading this and thinking “I suck at meditation.” This app connects you with expert teachers who can coach you through meditation sessions. If you’re someone who gets fidgety just by the thought of mediation, then downloading this app can make that better. It’s $100 annually with a one-week free trial. 

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