We may not realize it, but where we live has a huge impact on our stress levels. We all know stress is linked to a variety of health conditions. A new study from personal finance website WalletHub reveals the most stressed cities in the U.S., and they may come as a surprise.

In fact, seemingly stressful cities like New York City and San Francisco didn’t even crack the top 10.For its study, WalletHub analyzed over 180 cities based on 37 factors — including average weekly working hours, job security, poverty rates, credit scores and even divorce rates — across four key dimensions: work stress, financial stress, family stress, and health and safety stress.

It turns out the most stressed city in America is Detroit, Michigan, according to WalletHub. Detroit tops the list due to its first-place ranking in health and safety stress (it claimed the top spot for the lowest average hours of sleep per night, one of the key metrics in this category), as well as its No. 3 ranking in the financial stress category, followed by its No. 4 ranking in the family stress category.

Here is the full list of the top ten most stressed out cities and one of them is in New Jersey. .


  • 1

    Detriot, Michigan

  • 2

    Newark, New Jersey

  • 3

    Cleveland, Ohio

  • 4

    Birmingham, Alabama

  • 5

    Toledo, Ohio

  • 6

    Baltimore, Maryland

  • 7

    Wilmington, Delaware

  • 8

    Milwaukee, Wisconsin

  • 9

    Gulfport, Mississippi

  • 10

    St. Louis, Missouri

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