Top 10 Most Stressed Cities in America
We may not realize it, but where we live has a huge impact on our stress levels. We all know stress is linked to a variety of health conditions. Here are the top ten most stressed out cities in the U.S. Do you live in one of them?
Teen Asks Bruno Mars to Prom [video]
This Michigan teenager didn't just turn on her Smartphone to capture footage of her plea for Bruno Mars to accompany her to junior prom.  16-year old Emily Torres shot a carefully crafted a 4-minute video with a little help from her family.  She's also convinced that a talk show host may be her only hope for success.
Lottery Winner Still Collecting Food Stamps [VIDEO]
Winning $1,000,000 from the Michigan state lottery hasn't stopped Amanda Clayton from collecting and using food stamps to buy necessities, even though she's recently paid cash for a new home and car.  Clayton claims until the state has yet to cut her off because she in unemployed.  Is this right?  Comment below.