Today has seen parts of New Jersey (Middlesex County) hit 100 on the thermometer, bringing intense heat for the 1st day of Summer.  Your weekly version of "The Playlist" tries to match the scorching conditions with with songs that are so hot they could be on fire!

We open the Summer of 2012 with the Heat Index reaching around 110, and most of us sweating just over the thought of this.  Originally The Playlist this week was going to be Summer songs, but that will hold until next week - yes the heat has won out today.

The 20 songs you are getting will bring the heat of this moment, where you are feeling the burn from the sun, so hot that you may think you're in hell, and then come the sweat pouring out of you!  As hot as these 20 songs are, our friend The Heatmiser (pictured) will not be in The Playlist (sorry but he too closely associated to Christmas).

The heat is on now with The Playlist, and that is a perfect way to start:

Glen Frey -- The Heat Is On (de ja vu!)

Jamiroquai -- Canned Heat (the song in the famed "Napoleon Dynamite" dance scene)

The Power Station -- Some Like It Hot (true, but today may be a bit much!)

Usher -- Burn (avoid this with sunblock containing SPF 1000)

Asia -- Heat of The Moment (mid-90s in much of NJ at the moment)

Madonna -- Burning Up (that's how hot it is, or is it hotter than that?)

Katrina & The Waves -- Walking On Sunshine (that could have you burning up)

Smash Mouth -- Walking On The Sun (now that's hot!!!!)

Harvey Danger -- Flagpole Sitta ("....and I'm so hot, cause I'm in hell!")

Nelly -- Hot In Here (somewhere right now clothes are coming off!)

Kool and The Gang -- Too Hot (I'll say it again ...... somewhere right now clothes are coming off!)

Marky Mark and The Funky Bunch -- Good Vibrations ("I wanna see sweat coming out your pours!")

Red Hot Chili Peppers -- Behind The Sun (red hot + sun = a spot this week here)

The Killers -- Mr. Brightside (from thier Cd "Hot Fuss")

Billy Idol -- Hot In The City (hot everywhere!)

Bruce Springsteen -- I'm On Fire (you need something cold)

Katy Perry -- Hot and Cold (only relief you're getting this week)

C&C Music Factory -- Gonna Make You Sweat ("sweat til ya bleed", which is a bit much)

Fun -- We Are Young ("we can burn brighter than the sun", and we are today)

Buster Poindexter -- Hot Hot Hot (that's how we are feeling)

Enjoy the 1st day of Summer, and don't forget next week we feature songs of Summer on The Playlist.