After all of the curves that have been thrown at us, it is TIME to try and get our lives back, and with the end of Daylight Savings coming up on the overnight "The Playlist" reminds you to check your clocks!

Don't forget that come 2am on Sunday morning, we "Fall Back" to 1am and gain an hour of sleep (or time out having fun).  This will give us a chance to wake up to daylight, which we lose a lot of during the next several months.

Time marches on, and The Playlist will bring the time on the clock in songs.  From the minutes ticking away to the exact times that pop up, The Playlist will sweep through the 24 hours with reasons only these great songs can explain.  TRIVIA NOTE: Most popular hour mentioned in songs seems to be 3am.

To make this version of The Playlist work, we need a clock!

Coldplay -- Clocks (Now we can move forward)

Heart -- Alone ("I hear the ticking of the clock", so we can go from Midnight to ....)

Lady Antebellum -- Need You Now (she's a little drunk at "a quarter after 1" = 1:15am)

Joan Jett -- I Hate Myself For Loving You ("now it's a quarter to 2" = 1:45am)

Anna Nalick -- Breathe {2am}  (Remember we Fall Back @ 2am this weekend, but we won't for The Playlist)

Huey Lewis and The News -- Heart of Rock and Roll ("half a million things, all at a quarter to 3" = 2:45am)

The KLF -- 3am Eternal (well ..... for at least one more song)

Matchbox 20 -- 3am (Let's Move On!)

Bruce Springsteen -- Merry Christmas Baby (less than 2 months away, and Santa arrived for The Boss "Half Past 3" = 3:30am)

Pink -- Sober (she does not want to be "that call at 4 in the morning")

Weird Al Yankovic -- Amish Paradise ("4:30 in the morning, I'm milking cows!")

Jewel -- You Were Meant For Me (I hear the clock, it's 6am")

Ben Folds -- Brick (name called in song @ 7:30am)

The Rembrandts -- I'll Be There For You ("still in bed at 10, and work began at 8" = 10am and you are late!)

Styx -- Too Much Time on My Hands (you may think that looking at this, but the band has the 12:00 news blues = the only news on TV at 12 is at Noon)

Pearl Jam -- Better Man ("watching the clock it's 4 O'Clock" = workday almost over?)

REM -- It's The End of The World As We Know It ("6 O' Clock TV hour" is 6pm)

Craig David -- 7 Days (who has "a date at 9" = Dinner Date!)

Destiny's Child -- Jumpin' Jumpin' (they talk about 11:30 in a club, which is not the morning)

Train -- Meet Virginia (who only "drinks coffee at Midnight" = The End for this week!)


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