This Halloween will see some obvious, creative, and topical costumes for Trick-or-Treat or parties.  This week's version of "The Playlist" has some interesting ideas for dressing up through songs.

This year you have to expect many people dressing as their favorite superhero from The Avengers, or have a group as The Walking Dead (10 Million + viewers for the Season 3 opener on AMC), a couples idea like Arnold Schwarzenegger and a maid (yeah, I went there), maybe go as "Angry Birds", or try using make-up to put the word "book" on your face and say that you are Facebook, and when all else fails there is always the pregnant nun!

The Playlist has 20 songs that give ideas for costumes - from the song titles to the artists themselves.  Certain artists will be popular choices for Halloween dress-up, and The Playlist has it covered!

The Playlist will bring the dead to life, also alien life forms, superheroes, classic characters, and much more.  Let's dive into this, and enjoy the music on The Playlist for this week:

Katy Perry  -- E.T. (dressing like Katy or an alien would work this year)

Lady Gaga -- Born This Way (Yes she was born to wear a meat dress!)

Madonna -- Like A Virgin (this is a classic look that never gets old on Halloween!)

Chad Kroeger / Josey Scott -- Hero (from "Spiderman", and you can be a superhero that is not part of The Avengers)

Christina Aguilera -- Genie In A Bottle (hybrid both and be Xtina in a Bottle?)

Mariah Carey -- Honey (Honey Boo Boo - be very afraid!)

Nicki Minaj -- Turn Me On (dressing like Nicki was big in 2011)

The Cranberries -- Zombie (I think this will be a popular choice this year)

Bon Jovi -- Wanted Dead or Alive ("I'm a cowboy", or an outlaw, or Richie Sambora?)

Adele -- Skyfall (the right guy can pull off 007)

Janet Jackson -- Black Cat (if a woman dress like a black cat she would Catwoman right?)

Justin Bieber -- Baby (dressing like a baby is good, but like Justin?)

Prince -- Bat Dance (Batman: The Dark Knight!  I know it's from the 1989 Batman movie but it works!)

Aqua -- Barbie Girl (Admit It, you have done the Barbie and Ken thing in the past!)

Owl City -- Fireflies (get a group of you to light up as these bugs at a party!)

Salt 'N Pepa -- Shoop (always tough to decide who dresses as a Salt shaker and vice versa)

John Mellencamp -- Rain on The Scarecrow (Where's Dorothy and the Wicked Witch of The West while were at it)

Eminem -- Lose Yourself (Green Shirt + White letter M = M&M)

Monica -- Angel of Mine (need the devil to go with an Angel)

INXS -- Devil Inside (he'll come out on Halloween!)

Enjoy this Halloween season, and SoJO looks forwards to seeing you in costume on Sunday, October 28th, for the SoJo Safe Trick or Treat in Northfield (Noon - 2pm).


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