With the most popular newborn names of 2012 released, this week's version of "The Playlist" asks What 's in a Name?

There are hundreds if not thousands of popular songs that mention a person's name, so to get this week's Playlist down to 20 I am using only songs that have a name in the title.  No I'm not talking "Name" by the Goo Goo Dolls.

Each song has a name in the title, and we run the gambit from Tom and Joey to Sunny and Georgia.

The Playlist tries to be as modern as possible, but a couple of classic songs needed to make the cut.

New Jersey also gets represented here, but not in the obvious way (sorry Bruce).

I know I will be leaving off many songs you would have thought of, but I hope enjoy this version of The Playlist (and quite possibly your next child's name):

Boston -- Amanda (#1 smash in 1986 and the band's comeback after being gone for 8 years)

Plain White T's -- Hey There Delilah (and I say Hey There to Kate Delilah back at my home .... no joke!)

Santana w/ The Product G&B -- Maria Maria (Carlos liked the name so much he used it twice)

Blessid Union of Souls -- Hey Leonardo (how many people named Leonardo do you know other than DiCaprio and a Ninja Turtle?)

Fountains of Wayne -- Stacy's Mom (Stacy helped the boys from north Jersey their one Top-20 hit in 2003)

John Mellencamp -- Jack & Diane (a classic with 2 names that could not be ignored)

John Mayer -- Why Georgia (yeah why were you named after The Peach State?)

Elvis Costello -- Veronica (she helped Elvis to a Top-15 hit in 1989)

Train -- Meet Virginia (the only one I know is actress Virginia Madsen)

Suzanne Vega / DNA -- Tom's Diner (chose Tom over Luka)

Weezer -- Buddy Holly (fame name aside, Holly is a nice girl's name and Buddy was the name of Elf in 2003)

Mika -- Grace Kelly (two names here on this Top-5 smash in 17 countries druing 2007)

Goo Goo Dolls -- Iris (I guess they did tell them her Name?)

Concrete Blonde -- Joey (Hey, How You Doin'?)

Michael Jackson -- Billie Jean (did you know that Jackson was the 2nd most popular male newborn name for 2012?)

Iggy Pop and Kate Pierson -- Candy (I could go for a Twix bar right now)

Better Than Ezra -- Rosalia (So what's in a name?  Add a T in this song and you have Springsteen's classic)

Shawn Colvin -- Sunny Came Home (and she went to the Top-5 in 1997)

Breaking Benjamin -- Diary of Jane (Benjamin was ranked #14 in 2012 for boys baby names)

Sarah McLachlan -- Adia (this obscure name wraps up The Playlist, and asks the question "What's in This Name?")



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