As you ponder who will receive your vote, I have come up with a soundtrack dedicated to Presidents and Politics - this is "The Playlist" for Election Day!

The 20 songs for this week on The Playlist have ties that bind in the Presidency - from the politics of dancing in this game, to the name checks of many former presidents (mainly Reagan and JFK), plus former campaign songs and political terms that do fit this week's theme.

Now these songs are not necessarily "Political Songs" or songs with a political agenda, but you may spot one or two that could be construed that way.

These songs were all hits in some form, and you may be surprised about certain facts about a few of the songs on The Playlist this week.

Get out to the polls, hope your candidate will win, and I hope you are not staying up too late tonight.....then again The Playlist could keep you awake (maybe):

Arcadia -- Election Day (great start from members of Duran Duran in 1985)

Reflex -- Politics of Dancing (watch the Election coverage and you'll see just that!)

John Mayer -- Waiting on The World to Change (both candidates believe they can change the world, so this seems very appropriate)

Presidents of the USA -- Peaches (the official fruit of the White House?)

The Nixons -- Sister (who knew Richard's family could sing and have a hit in '96? ..... Not really!)

Cage The Elephant -- Ain't No Rest For The Wicked (Romney is still campaigning, and Obama is trying to catch him for the win!)

U2 -- Desire (the Hollywood Remix of this #1 hit in '88 mentions "Voodoo Economics")

Green Day -- American Idiot (brings up the "Redneck Agenda", which is believed to be Southern Republicans)

Frankie Goes To Hollywood -- Two Tribes (Reagan fights Chernenko in the video, and Nixon has a cameo)

Pink -- Dear Mr. President (Top-10 hit in 5 countries back in 2007, so you should figure out who she's referring to)

Bruce Springsteen -- The Rising (Obama used this song as part of his 2008 campaign)

Depeche Mode -- Policy of Truth (Obama's platform for this election, according to him)

Kid Rock -- Born Free (Romney's main Campaign Song)

Billy Joel -- We Didn't Start The Fire (mentions Truman, JFK, Nixon and Reagan)

Sting -- Russians (mentions Reagan but he "does not subscribe to his point of view")

Tom Petty -- I Won't Back Down (W used this in 2000 until Petty threatened to sue him, and later performed the song at Gore's home minutes after he conceded)

Van Halen -- Right Now (eventually became Bush's Campaign Song in 2000)

The Dream Academy -- Life In A Northern Town (mentions JFK in their Top-10 hit from 1985)

Living Colour -- Cult of Personality (samples JFK's Inauguration Speech in their Top-15 hit from 1988)

Muse -- Uprising ("Rise up and take the power back" = Voting!  Make your voice heard on Election Day!)


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