When the dinner is served on Thursday, you will gather around the table over a spread that you will be eating for day, while giving thanks for all the good in your life.  This is where "The Playlist" is going this week.

Your dinner will be probably full of turkey, with stuffing, cranberries, mash potatoes, and some pie for dessert maybe, but before eating you give thanks for all the good things in your life.  Bringing this all together musically is not easy, but these songs find their way around the holiday dinner table.

Trust me when I tell you this was not easy to make this work, and as usual some liberties were taken to make The Playlist edible, thankful, reflective, and fun!

Remember to be thankful for all the things you have in life, and remember those less fortunate this year (maybe bring those leftovers to those who deserve a Thanksgiving but are not able to have one this year).

Enjoy this week's version of The Playlist, and enjoy this holiday season!

Adam Sandler -- The Thanksgiving Song ("Love to eat turkey!")

The Cranberries -- Linger (the classic cranberry mold in a can that lingers on the dinner table!)

Smashing Pumpkins -- Tonight, Tonight (you need to smash those pumpkins to have Pumpkin Pie)

Michael Jackson -- Black or White (Dark Meat or White Meat, all turkey is good turkey!)

The Contours -- Do You Love Me ("I can mash potato", and pile it high on the plate!  Remember this song was a Top-15 hit again thanks to Dirty Dancing in 1987?)

Black Eyed Peas -- Hey Mama (... pass those peas over here, and the song mentions stuffing!)

Weird Al Yankovic -- Eat It (not before we give thanks)

Duran Duran -- Save A Prayer (for this great feast, and for "the morning after" braving Black Friday!)

Alanis Morissette -- Thank U (she is thankful for India and Providence)

Natalie Merchant -- Kind and Generous (she says Thank You for all the gifts and generosity in her Top-15 hit in 1998)

Dido -- Thank You (for "the best years of my life"!)

Fall Out Boy -- Thanks For The Memories ("even if they weren't so great")

Bon Jovi -- Thank You For Loving Me (to all parents, significant others and other loved ones)

Mary J. Blige -- Family Affair (which is what Thanksgiving usually is, so dig in!)

Sir Mix-A-Lot  --  Baby Got Back ("Red Beans and Rice didn't miss her" at this meal!)

Tonic -- You Wanted More (.... but you need another stomach after all this food!)

Lifehouse -- Spin (your world is turned "upside-down" to make this spread, and you "wouldn't change a thing"!)

Warrent -- Cherry Pie (did you save room for dessert?)

Sarah McLachlan -- Ice Cream (pie a la mode?)

Night Ranger -- When You Close Your Eyes (the tryptophan from the turkey has kicked in, so it's time for a nap and end this version of The Playlist)


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