Casey Abrams is headlining SoJO's Little Pink Dress Party this time around, but there is a blues man inside him, so "The Playlist" is bringing the Blues in many shade and forms this week.

Blue as a color has many shades - from Aqua to Iris and everything in between.  The color is taking the main part of The Playlist this week, but so is the music form.

When I say "The Blues", artists like Johny Lang, Stevie Ray Vaughn, and Dr. John may come to mind.  Although there will not be music from these great performers (and you should check them out to appreciate their gifts), we will bring some blues influenced music with artists you know.

This week you will not find classic rockers Blue Oyster Cult or The Moody Blues this week, or even "Blue Jean" by David Bowie, but these 20 songs should represent a big Blue world of music in The Playlist:

Eiffel 65 -- Blue {Da Ba Dee} (#1 in a dozen countries and a Top-5 U.S. hit in 1999)

Madonna -- True Blue (that is what this Playlist is)

Blues Traveler -- Run Around (these Princeton guys had this Top-10 hit in 1995)

Blue October -- Hate Me (cannot hate on this "Blue" group's Top-20 hit from 2006)

Tonic -- If You Could Only See (another Jersey band who speak of "the blue in her eyes" in this former #1 Rock song of 1997)

Goo Goo Dolls -- Iris (shade of Blue, and the Iris is there in the Blue eyes of anyone)

US3 -- Cantaloop {Flip Fantasia} ("a recording from Blue Note Records" that went to #9 in 1993)

Norah Jones -- Don't Know Why (also from Blue Note Records, and won multiple Grammy Awards for the 2002 hit)

Aqua -- Barbie Girl (yes it was a big song, and a bit annoying, but there's a shade of Blue I could not ignore)

Kid Rock -- Only God Knows Why (the Kid has every musical influence in this 1999 hit)

Tommy Conwell & The Young Rumblers -- I'm Not Your Man (#1 Rock hit in 1988, where these Philly guys mention "the St. Louis Blues")

Lou Gramm -- Midnight Blue (remember him from Foreigner?)

Deep Blue Something -- Breakfast At Tiffany's  (remember them back around 1995?)

Eric Clapton -- Tears In Heaven (blues guitar legend sings the blues over losing his child in 1992)

Ben Harper -- Steal My Kisses (Top-20 hit in 200 for the blues influenced former husband of Laura Dern)

Robert Cray -- Smoking Gun (member of the Blues Hall of Fame, and this song hit the Top-20 in 1986)

Marc Cohn -- Walking In Memphis ("put on my Blue Suede Shoes..." and mention the father of Memphis Blues W.C. Handy in this 1991 hit)

Orgy -- Blue Monday (the cover of this New Order song became their One-Hit in 1998)

Icehouse -- Electric Blue (I think that shade is somewhere between Midnight Blue and Tar Heel Blue)

Chris Isaak -- Somebody's Crying (from his Forever Blue CD, Chris has the blues in this 1995 Top-30 hit)

Elton John -- I Guess That's Why They Call it The Blues (Indeed, and that is wrap for this week!)


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